MORFICO s.r.o. was founded in 1991 as a construction company specialising in the surface finish of industrial concrete floors and areas. At present, we offer a wide range of products used in the modern manner of construction of apartments, civil, and industrial buildings. The development of our own materials from domestic raw materials ensures the highest quality.



    The treatment of industrial concrete surfaces is our specialty. The materials are used for the leveling of new and old floors, as well as for the finishing of concrete surfaces, for repairs of local cracks and seals, for floor layers of industrial floors and for bonding of tiles, tiles and insulation systems.


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    We have developed a new revolutionary cement screed MFC Portland with a 0/4 mm aggregate. It is a freshly cast screed compound based on cement binders, fillers, additives and water, designed for the leveling or foundation layers of floors, especially in residential, civil and industrial buildings. The cast screeds are delivered in the modern application trailers Bremat and Trasmix.


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Family houses "Hony za Kukýrnou" Tišnov

In 2007, we commenced the construction of 11 family town houses in Tišnov on Formánkova Street in the location Hony za Kukýrnou. The construction work was completed by Němec Jiří stavitel s.r.o., Stavospol s.r.o., and Rossler Jaroš. 

Construction commencement: 2007

Construction completion: 2008

Location: Tišnov

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